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Google Site Kit Dashboard

Google Introduces Site Kit WordPress Plugin that Integrates Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, PageSpeed Insights

With the numerous SEO and Google Analytics plugins available for WordPress, it’s surprising that Google has taken this long to release their own plugin, but they’ve just announced one, named Site Kit by Google. Site Kit by Google allows users to access information in Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights from the WordPress admin panel. With Site Kit, you get authoritative and up-to-date recommendations from Google. Site Kit is ideal for website owners who want easily digestible information about audience and revenue performance, all…

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Announcing the WordPress Featured Images in RSS plugin

I’m excited to announce the new WordPress Featured Images In RSS plugin. It adds a site’s blog post featured images to the RSS feed of the site, with options for image size and positioning. I’ve seen lots of blog posts cover how to add this functionality to a theme by editing the theme’s functions file and manually adding the code (including one I wrote for Fandom Marketing), but 99% of the folks I talk to don’t understand how to do that. So, this plugin was born….

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The WordPress "virus" and how to stop it

As you’re reading this, there’s almost a hundred thousand computers across the globe in an automated “botnet” attack against any WordPress installations they come across, trying to repeatedly guess the password of “admin” usernames, and a few variations of admin usernames, over and over hundreds of times per minute, until they gain access. Once they gain access, the code infects the installation with back door access and that site joins in the attack. It’s this behavior that causes me to label this attack the WordPress…

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WordPress jumped 32%, powering 48% of top 100 blogs

There’s no doubt that WordPress is the dominating content management system, powering well over 73 million web sites, per WordPress’ Stats, with about half of those being self-hosted. Royal Pingdom released their 2012 update earlier this month, reporting that WordPress powers 48% of the Top 100 blogs, an increase of 32% from their findings just three years ago. Self-hosted WordPress sites make up 39% of the share, with hosted (both the free and WordPress’ SaaS VIP services counting as hosted). Other platforms have therefore shrunk,…

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How to Set Up 301 Redirects to Maintain WordPress SEO

WordPress Guest Blog Series I am guest blogging for sister company Fandom Marketing on Blogging For Business, covering some unique WordPress topics. Here’s a summary of a recent post, with the link to the full article: “WordPress SEO can be maintained when moving domains or redesigning your blog using 301 redirects. It’s a vital step to keep existing search engine links working. Follow these instructions to maintain your search engine optimization on your website or WordPress blog.” Read the full post at: How to Set…

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WordPress Search Engine Tips

Tip #1: Host your Wordpress site yourself, not on The reason for this is because a self-hosted site is completely customizable, and can include additional plug-ins and other custom code that really makes a difference. The rest of the quick tips give you the most bang for your buck right out of the gate!