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Announcing the WordPress Featured Images in RSS plugin

I’m excited to announce the new WordPress Featured Images In RSS plugin. It adds a site’s blog post featured images to the RSS feed of the site, with options for image size and positioning. I’ve seen lots of blog posts cover how to add this functionality to a theme by editing the theme’s functions file and manually adding the code (including one I wrote for Fandom Marketing), but 99% of the folks I talk to don’t understand how to do that. So, this plugin was born. I’ve also seen a few other plugins that do the same thing, but none with the size and positioning options, instead asking you to edit the plugin directly to make those changes (which is a terrible idea – it’ll get overwritten with any update).

Once the plugin is installed, and then activated, you can view and change the two options under Settings. The first option is the size of the featured image to be included in the RSS feed: thumbnail (default), medium, large, or full size. These sizes are references to actual media pixel dimensions that are set and can be customized under your Media Options. The second option is the position of the image, either on the left above the text (default), centered above the text, or left with the text wrap to the right of the image. For RSS-to-email campaigns in Mailchimp or other email marketing providers, I recommend the default settings.

The options page links to the Media Options page to raise awareness of those settings, and also conveniently links to Feedburner’s ping page, which refreshes the feed, if that service is being used.

I’d love to have you try the plugin on your site, and leave a comment with your thoughts.

The plugin is not available in the WordPress plugin repository (yet), but can be installed by downloading it using the link below, and then uploading it through the Plugin -> Add New -> Upload interface in your WordPress dashboard.

You can download the plugin here. (Once it’s in the repository, I’ll update this post.)

Rob Marlbrough

Rob is CEO and Chief Developer at Press Wizards, Inc., a full service web development agency and web hosting provider founded in San Diego and now in Las Vegas, with agency partners and clients worldwide, and has been in business since 1997.

  1. Rob – Thank you for this plugin. After much searching, I was delighted to find it. I installed it and saved the settings, but when I received my first post-install Feedburner e mail this am, it looked the same as before, with no image. Any ideas? Thank you.

    • Hi Brandon, that’s because Feedburner usually caching the feed ahead of time I think. Did you use the Feedburner ping link to refresh the feed? I’d recommend always previewing the raw RSS feed and make sure the image HTML is in there. Email me your site’s feed address, I can take a peek if you like. rob at

    • Oh I got your site from your comment, and checked the raw feed, it has the images centered above the text, looks good to me. Use the ping link to refresh Feedburner, and that should fix it.

      • Thank you Rob. I had originally used the Ping link. But have done it again. It did not like the “Feed” address, but it successfully pinged the feedburner address. https://feeds dot feedburner dot com / ZoePerissos.
        I’ll let you know if it worked after I send my next post and get a Feedburner e mail. Thank you.

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