Protect Your Website From Bot Attacks.

Every day, thousands of bots are attacking WordPress websites; you’ll hear that from any security expert. Hackers have automated their attacks using programmed bots, and unprotected sites are no match for the sheer number of vulnerabilities that exist in various WordPress plugins or themes.

We protect your website by proactively hardening security, backing everything up, keeping your site updated daily, and we fix any update issues for you. Bots can’t get in, and your website is fully protected – with hack repair included if anything does affect your site.

Please note: without a professional maintenance plan, you are responsible for detecting and fixing any WordPress issues, or having good tested backups, and doing the restore of the files and databases yourself. Don’t put yourself in that position.

Maintenance plan pricing starts at just $50 per month and includes a monthly PDF report.

We also offer content edit hours as an add-on to any plan, with 1, 3, 5, or 8 hours available every month for us to handle updating your website content, editing pages, adding blog posts, etc. See our plans for content edit hours pricing that start at just $40 per month additional.

Security Audits

Daily audits of your website proactively detect any issues, and we are alerted and respond immediately. We handle recovering your site back to full operation immediately.

Vulnerability Prevention

By performing all the required updates right away, we prevent vulnerabilities from affecting your WordPress website. Daily scans of all plugins helps alert us of any that we need to address.

Security Analysis

We are constantly monitoring your website for any errors or security issues. We identify the root cause, and perform any updates or restores needed to resolve it.

We Protect Your Website

Worry-free WordPress Is Here.

With bots attacking day and night, you can’t go two or three days without updating your plugins, and the core WordPress platform, and your themes. Every day plugins are updated, mostly to fix security holes discovered the hard way, or bugs that prevent it from continuing to work. Plugin vulnerabilities are so common, it’s the #1 way sites get hacked. Don’t let that happen to you. We update everything before attacks can happen, and block attacks that are awaiting updates.

If any update breaks the website, we fix it right away, either by rolling back updates, or restoring from our backups.

WordPress Requires Security Hardening

Your website deserves protection. We harden your website with layers of network and server security, preventing any attacks before they happen.

Trust The Experts

We Stop The Malware.


We Fix Failed Updates.

We manage hundreds of websites, with many years of experience, and we’re experts in security hardening and malware prevention. Leave your site in our care, and let us protect your website from the attack bots today.

Malware Protection With Free Repair

Malware can’t gain access after we’ve secured your website. But weak FTP passwords,  phishing, etc. could still lead to malware bot  infections. If that happens, we will repair and clean your website completely, for free, and help reset all your passwords.

We Harden All Security Layers

We protect the network, the server, and the application layers with firewalls, attack detection/blocking, and request inspections.

We Shield WordPress From Attacks

Our layers of security prevent attacks from reaching your website, and keeping everything backed up, updated, and audited daily ensures your website stays safe.

Reduce Risk

Our Approach to WordPress Security.

There’s no hack-proof server, platform, or website – we focus on risk reduction, to as small a chance as professionally managable. We take the things that lead to a hacked website, and manage them faster and more consistently than any website owner can. Things like the constant plugin updates and zero-day (just discovered) vulnerabilities that a website owner just can’t keep up with, including vital theme updates, and urgent WordPress core updates. What if any one of those updates breaks the website? We fix any issues right away.

Security Auditing and Alerting

Our systems are constantly monitoring, auditing, detecting, alerting, and reporting on all of the vital pieces that make up a WordPress website. We’re alerted to any issues, and the website is usually recovered before you’re even aware.

Managed Website Recovery

We know how to repair sites from failed updates, fatal errors, and we can restore sites instantly from the most recent backup. No need to panic, we’ve done this before. You can enjoy the peace of mind.

Contact Support

We know how to repair sites from fatal errors, and restore sites instantly from the most recent backup. No need to panic, we’ve done this many times before. You can enjoy the peace of mind.

Get Started

We’re experts in website security hardening and malware prevention. Leave your site in our care, and let us protect your website from the attack bots today.