About Us

About Us

We’re on your side.

We will never be too big for you.

Press Wizards isn’t run as a huge, robotic conglomeration. Why? Because that would bring an end to the kind of business we truly enjoy running. We like knowing our customers, sharing their experiences, and having a positive influence in their lives.

We’re not going anywhere.

We’ve been in business since Netscape was the hottest thing around (that would be 1997). We’ve survived a couple of dot-com busts and a major recession, and yet we’re still here, thriving, growing, and looking forward to the latest innovations. You can count on us to be here year after year.

You are not a number.

We have an edge over most other giant web hosting companies because we don’t have 200 random strangers answering your emails. In fact, you’ll probably get the same person each time, so they will be familiar with you and your business. We’re professional, but we’re not so corporate that we can’t share a good joke.

We’re here to help you.

Have you ever had a hosting company tell you, “Sorry, we can’t really help you with that”? Press Wizards is a company run by people that won’t hide behind a red-tape bureaucracy. If there’s a problem, we’ll dig in and do our best to solve it promptly.

Everything you need get you online.

Originally, we only offered hosting. But we’ve expanded our services to meet the needs of our clients who were asking for more. Today we offer one-stop shopping for anyone who has a website. Count on us for:

  • WordPress
  • Site customizations
  • Web development
  • Domain names (via Register Wizards)
  • Lots of other stuff (just ask us!)

And everything you need to help get the word out.

Press Wizards partners with Fandom Marketing to offer social media marketing services.

Our friends are your friends.

If we don’t offer a service you require, we’ll gladly refer you to a specialist in our network of experts and consultants. In any event, you benefit from choosing to work with us.

Our Address

Press Wizards™, Inc.
101 W. Broadway, Suite 815
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 663-8762

What We Do

Optimized WordPress Hosting
WordPress Development
WooCommerce / E-commerce
Platform/System Integrations
Social Media Strategy and Implementation
Digital Marketing