People love us for our support.

We enjoy helping our customers. Other web hosts may tell you that a problem is outside their area of responsibility. That’s not the case with Web Wizards. We have years of experience to draw upon and, when needed, we’ll do the research it takes to solve your problem.

Whatever your question, we’ll provide you with a helpful answer.

Some good stuff to know:

Control Panel Login

Access your Control Panel anytime day or night for instant and complete control over virtually every feature and option. Add more domains, review billing, change your payment method, submit or review support trouble tickets, update your contact information, increase your quotas, or customize every aspect of your Web site.

Forgot your Control Panel Password?

To have your Control Panel password emailed to the current email address on your account, use the above link. Simply type in your Login (username) and submit the form, and an email will be sent out immediately. You can find your Login on your most recent billing statement.

Change Your Email Password

Use this link for your email users to change their email password without giving them full access to your Control Panel. This is an easy way to create an email address for people, with a temporary password, and have them use the web page above to change their password to whatever they want, anytime they like.

Control Panel User Guide

Browse through our official Control Panel User Guide, with screenshots, available 24/7 as you need it.

Email Support

If you have trouble using our Trouble Ticket tool in your Control Panel, please send a message using the link above. If you are having trouble with your website or domain name, or with email using your domain’s mailbox, please send from an outside ISP email address that is working, so that we can respond.