Press Wizards Hosting Affiliate Marketing Guide

The Press Wizards Hosting Affiliate Marketing Guide will help you market our services through your affiliate link to your visitors. It offers tips on how to better set up and promote your affiliate link both on and off your site. It also provides hints on enhancing your site to generate more traffic. Implementing suggestions from this guide can help you earn more commissions!


I. Marketing Tips and Promotional Efforts

  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Welcome Letters
  • Contests
  • Pop-Up Windows
  • Invoices

II. Links

  • Placement
  • Navigation and Menu Bar
  • Saturation

III. Site Enhancements

  • Content/Layout
  • Build Traffic
  • Match Content

IV. Use Testimonials

  • Use Our Services
  • Add a Testimonial

I. Marketing Tips and Promotional Efforts

The following ideas will help you earn more money from our affiliate program. Most involve announcing Press Wizards services to your site visitors, leads, and customers. Try out a few to see which ones work for your audience, and repeat the ones that work. Your effort will pay off sooner than you might think.

Send a personalized email message to your contacts informing them about our services! For example, write a quick note about the advantages of using Press Wizards, and recommend they take a look to see what they think. Provide them with a link so they can get more information or sign up. Remember to include your affiliate ID in this link! Text and graphic link code that already include your affiliate ID can be accessed after you log in to your affiliate account page. To increase the signup rate, dedicate the entire email to promoting Press Wizards services.

If you haven’t done so already, promote our services in your newsletter. Create a newsletter in-house, and send it to your customers, leads, and prospects. You can also give your site visitors the option to opt-in to receive it on a regular basis. Focus each newsletter on your site, product, market, or service, and most importantly the products offered via your affiliate links. Include a section on our services in each newsletter. Since it is your own newsletter, you can take up as much space as you want to promote our services. Add a linking URL that includes your affiliate ID, so you earn credit for all the leads that you send us.

Welcome Letters
If you send your members a welcome letter after they sign up, use that letter to promote our services. You could add a sentence or two at the bottom and provide a linking URL that includes your affiliate ID.

Run a contest for your visitors and members. Offer a free product, a discount, or a voucher to those who sign up. Create a contest that gives your visitors an incentive to check out our site and register.

Pop-Up Windows
You can also use a pop-up window to inform your visitors about our services. Describe the benefits of Press Wizards, and include a link to our signup page with your affiliate ID in the pop-up. You will catch your visitors’ interest with the pop-up, and you should benefit by getting more of them to sign up. You can design the pop-up window so that each visitor sees the pop-up only once a week or less using cookies.

When you send your clients an invoice, use that piece of correspondence to inform them about our services, and how they can sign up for them at your site.

II. Links

The best way to inform your visitors about our services is by placing multiple links on your site. Well-placed links will contribute to the success of your affiliate links. Make sure to check your site for the hints outlined below.

We recommend that you place your affiliate links in high traffic areas of your site. In order to maximize exposure, we recommend adding affiliate banners, buttons, tiles, and text links in prominent places on your site, such as above the fold on your home page. You may want to place your text links in the top right corner of your Web site for greater visibility.

Navigation and Menu Bar
Integrate our affiliate link into your nav bar. Create a link (e.g. “Free Email” or “Site Tools”) and add it to your navigation bar or menu bar. This will help draw attention to it, and show your visitors that you stand behind the service by adding it as a permanent link. Make sure that every page on your site has the link in the nav bar and be sure to include your affiliate ID in the link. Text links that already include your affiliate ID can be accessed after you log in to your affiliate account.

We recommend that you do not run more than 4 ads on any page of your Web site. If you are using single text links, then you can use more, however, you should have more on the page than just a list of links. There should never be more than one 468×60 banner per page. By using a variety of buttons, banners, tiles, and text links, you will be able to evaluate which type are the most effective.

III. Site Enhancements

Affiliate success begins with a well performing Web site, one that not only attracts customers, but also encourages them to return. Follow these tips to increase the performance of your site and watch your registrations grow.


Keep plenty of open space
Minimizing the clutter on your site will allow visitors to distinguish between different items on your site pages. If text and pictures crowd the page, your visitors may miss important information.

Make your page design unique
You should strive to keep your design simple and easy to use, yet creative and unique at the same time. When you are designing your site, test various layouts, shapes, fonts, and colors, so that your site stands out.

Avoid using large graphics
Large graphics take a long time to load. If your site takes more than 30 seconds to appear, your visitors may leave your site.

Provide pertinent and helpful information
If you offer valuable information for free, your site builds credibility and generates more traffic. Making your site more interesting to visitors will make your affiliate links more successful.

Forget Internet malls and flea markets
It may seem tempting to sell everything under the sun, but when you sell to everybody, you sell to nobody. Focus on only a few services to promote, and promote them well.

Build Traffic:

Submit to major search engines
Use search engines to your maximum advantage. Many of the most successful affiliate sites concentrate their energies on getting on top of the search engines. Some studies have found that over 70% of Web site visitors come from search engine traffic.

There are many ways to build traffic to your site, and generally, the amount you earn will be proportional to the exposure your site is receiving. It’s a hassle to submit your site to the major search engines every month, but it pays off—as does working at providing fresh, substantial content.

Match Content:

Match the content of your site to your affiliate link. We recommend that you place your affiliate links next to content on your site that is related to Web Tools, Web Services, Web Promotion, etc. The more closely your site’s content is tied to our services, the higher your affiliate click-through rate will be.

IV. Use Testimonials

What better way to sell a service than to use it yourself? When visitors see that you believe in the service enough to use it yourself, they will be more apt to try it themselves. These tips will give you ideas on the types of testimonials that will get your users to sign up for Press Wizards services.

Use Our Services:

Explain to your visitors the benefits you get from using our services. When they hear your experience first hand from you, they will be more receptive to signing up with us if they know you are a satisfied customer..

Add a Testimonial:

Recommend specific services to your visitors
If you recommend a specific service to your visitors, they will be more likely to click on the link. This is a far more effective strategy than just placing an affiliate link on your site.

Instead of just adding a link, recommend a service of ours that you personally are using. To get the most people clicking on your affiliate link, put a personal message telling how you have benefited from using Press Wizards services.

Create product reviews
If you have tried one of our services, or received great customer service, write a product review about your experience. A product review about Press Wizards will encourage visitors to sign up through your affiliate links. This now becomes a personal recommendation, not just a link. Product reviews work great! Someone excited about your review will be eager to try our services.

Add Promotional Copy
When featuring our services, include promotional copy like “Full-Featured, Very Responsive,” “Easy Instant Set Up,” or “Flexible Service Offering.” Give them a reason to sign up for our services. If you believe Press Wizards services are outstanding, don’t hesitate to say so. Using our logo and graphics will add impact as well.