WordPress Guest Blog Series

I am guest blogging for sister company Fandom Marketing on Blogging For Business, covering some unique WordPress topics.

Here’s a summary of a recent post, with the link to the full article:

Images are playing a bigger part of blogging, with themes that highlight the posts’ featured images becoming more popular, creating great visually appealing layouts. Even more so with the popularity of Pinterest and Facebook sharing, which uses an image from the page or post. Even with various methods for including specific Facebook OpenGraph code within your post, your content could be shared via other methods that don’t take the Opengraph information into account, like RSS and feed syndication or sharing services like the awesome DLVR.it or Feedburner.

Here’s a fairly simple way to include the featured image of your WordPress blog post in the RSS/Feedburner feed itself, so that services that syndicate or share via RSS, use it when posting to Facebook and other image-friendly sharing sites like tumblr or posterous, etc.

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How to Optimize RSS to Display Featured Blog Images