We noticed today that quite a few websites were coming up with white screens all of the sudden, due to an issue with the Contact Form DB WordPress plugin. It seems there was a version released that had a fatal error in it, and was installed if automatic updates for plugins was enabled by a plugin like Advanced Automatic Updates.

We’ve updated the plugin files to the latest fixed version for any customer that had the plugin installed on their site(s).

These types of issues are very rare, but the WordPress platform makes it easy to resolve, and we still recommend auto-updating your plugins and minor versions of the core files. Major version updates (from 3.X.X to 4.0) are still suggested, but only after determining if your theme is compatible or there are any known issues in the first few days of the release.

We run auto-updates on numerous test sites running various themes to ensure we are alerted and aware of any issues so that we can be as proactive as possible in discovering any known issues.