WordPress v3.9 is due to be released in April, and we’re bringing you a preview of the improvements and changes coming your way very soon. It includes a few major updates to the editor and media library, as well as the Customizer.

Details on the improvements to the admin dashboard include:

  • Adding an updated TinyMCE, the software powering the visual editor, to the latest version. Be on the lookout for cleaner markup. Also, new paste handling — if you paste in a block of text from Microsoft Word, for example, it will no longer come out terrible. (The “Paste from Word” button you probably never noticed has been removed.)
  • Adding widget management to live previews (the customizer). Also adding the ability to upload, crop, and manage header images, without needing to leave the preview.
  •  Adding 3.8’s beautiful new theme browsing experience to the theme installer.
  • Galleries will receive a live preview in the editor.
  • Adding the ability to drag-and-drop images directly onto the editor to upload them.
  • Some things will get improved around editing images. It’ll be a lot easier to make changes to an image after you insert it into a post, and you’ll no longer get kicked to a new window when you need to crop or rotate an image.
  • New audio/video playlists.

Here are a few screenshots we have of the new features.

There are new behind-the-scene things for developers, too:

  • The load process in multisite getting rewritten.
  • Will now use the MySQL Improved (mysqli) database extension if you’re running a recent version of PHP.
  • Autosave will be refactored.
  • Library updates, in particular Backbone 1.1 and Underscore 1.6. Also Masonry 3, PHPMailer, and Plupload.

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