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WordPress 3.9 New Image Editing

WordPress v3.9 in Beta, released soon

WordPress v3.9 is due to be released in April, and we’re bringing you a preview of the improvements and changes coming your way very soon. It includes a few major updates to the editor and media library, as well as the Customizer. Details on the improvements to the admin dashboard include: Adding an updated TinyMCE, the software powering the visual editor, to the latest version. Be on the lookout for cleaner markup. Also, new paste handling — if you paste in a block of text…

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Security and Spam Announcements

We’ve been working hard on different service areas to improve security, prevent spam, upgrade our systems, and offer more value to our customers. Here’s a summary of all the recent efforts for you to review. Secure Control Panel Access To improve security, our hosting Control Panel now forces you to use encrypted SSL for all visits, at and all bookmarks with the old unencrypted URL will redirect to the new encrypted URL. Spam Prevention Please update your scripts and WordPress installations (use to use an…

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Care to share the Press Wizards love?

We’ve always loved the testimonials received from customers via email. Now, we’re using a new platform that lets us receive video testimonials, using either a web site or an iPhone app, making it quick and easy, and the best part is, we get to see your smiling faces! We’d love to see and hear from our customers. Care to share your love? Follow the link below to post your testimonial and we’ll credit your account $10, and enter you in a giveaway for a year…

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WordPress 3.7 adds auto-update capability

Maintaining the WordPress core updates just became a little easier, thanks to the latest version of WordPress, v3.7, released October 24th. It adds quite a bit of functionality under the hood, most you won’t notice, but one big feature is automatic minor updates. While that makes keeping the core platform up-to-date with the latest security and bug fix updates (i.e. going from 3.7 to 3.7.1), it also adds the option for auto-updating plugins and themes, which may make maintenance tons easier, as plugins and themes can…

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Requesting Your Review

To our valued customers, We’re listed on quite a few web sites, but there’s one that does a good job of categorizing us well, and we’d like to ask you to give Web Wizards a review on the site to boost our exposure in the WordPress Hosting category… simply click this link, and then click Review. You can log in using Facebook, or choose to remain anonymous. We’d appreciate your help in making us look good! For everyone that leaves a review, we’ll add a $5…

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Announcing the WordPress Featured Images in RSS plugin

I’m excited to announce the new WordPress Featured Images In RSS plugin. It adds a site’s blog post featured images to the RSS feed of the site, with options for image size and positioning. I’ve seen lots of blog posts cover how to add this functionality to a theme by editing the theme’s functions file and manually adding the code (including one I wrote for Fandom Marketing), but 99% of the folks I talk to don’t understand how to do that. So, this plugin was born….

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WordPress v3.6 Released With Cool New Features

WordPress 3.6 makes your writing experience even better. The latest and greatest WordPress, version 3.6, is now live to the world and includes a beautiful new blog-centric theme, bullet-proof autosave and post locking, a revamped revision browser, native support for audio and video embeds, and improved integrations with Spotify, Rdio, and SoundCloud. Write with Confidence Explore Revisions It’s easy to compare two revisions from any point in time, and to restore a revision and go back to writing. Now you can be confident that no mistake is…

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WordPress 3.6 Coming Soon

The team at WordPress talk about the new 3.6 release in their Beta 1 post: “We’ve been working for nearly three months and have completed all the features that are slated for this release. This is a bit of a change from the betas of previous release cycles. I felt very strongly that we shouldn’t release a beta if we were still working on completing the main features. This beta is actually a beta, not an alpha that we’re calling a beta. If you are a WordPress…

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The WordPress "virus" and how to stop it

As you’re reading this, there’s almost a hundred thousand computers across the globe in an automated “botnet” attack against any WordPress installations they come across, trying to repeatedly guess the password of “admin” usernames, and a few variations of admin usernames, over and over hundreds of times per minute, until they gain access. Once they gain access, the code infects the installation with back door access and that site joins in the attack. It’s this behavior that causes me to label this attack the WordPress…

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Tighten Your WordPress Site's Security With These Tools

Recently there’s been more and more sites getting infected with malware via automated scripts because of weak passwords or insecure non-updated WordPress sites. Here’s a few tools and tips we recommend to secure your WordPress web site better. First, start using a strong but memorable (so you’ll actually use it) passphrase for each site login. See this kxcd comic first to understand the point: Then go here to help you choose a nice, easy to remember, yet very strong passphrase: I add the site name to…

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